FÔVE diffusion is a booking agency specialized in contemporary dance that accompanies performing arts companies and creators in their local and international development by offering them a range of flexible services in strategic development, prospection and booking.

After studying literature and photography, Nicolas Filion turns to dance in 1998. For thirteen years, he collaborates with numerous dance artists and companies — Harold Rhéaume, Louise Bédard, Catherine Gaudet among others. Concurrently to his professional career, Nicolas pursues graduate studies at Université du Québec à Montréal, acts as an artistic mediator, teaches and contributes to academic research projects until 2012.
After a five-year entrepreneurial venture at the head of his own café and catering service, he comes back to the performing arts in 2017, working as a rehearsal director, artistic advisor and opening his own booking agency, Filigrane Arts Vivants. In 2019, he joins FÔVE Diffusion, assuming the general direction.
Boasting a wide, eclectic professional and artistic experience, passionate about culture and the performing arts, Nicolas favours an empathic, committed approach to the development and administration of the arts.


nicolas@filigrane.info / +1-514-220-1542
​FÔVE Diffusion is based in Montréal, Québec, Canada.
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