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Vitrine c.a.t.a.m.o.n & Béatrice Larrivée

FOVE s'associe à c.a.t.a.m.o.n et à la Cie FLAK dans une vitrine off-off-Parcours Danse au studio FLAK. Découvrez les pièces "Somewhere" d'Elad Schechter et "She looks like she'd be an animal in bed" de Béatrice Larrivée :


Somewhere, between the desire for a life of connection with our surroundings versus the desire to set the limits of our body, there lies an action. It is documented in movement and material.

Similar to Italo Calvino’s masterful book ‘The Invisible Cities’, this is how we depict distant islands becoming concrete material. Material recorded in space through sound, text, human movement and color on the ground. Here the human body is shown devoid of tangible concepts. As if it is requiring us to rebuild fallen walls around our own island.

Choreographer | Elad Schechter

Dancers | Daniel Costa & Béatrice Larrivée

Music | Eran Kvint

Costume design | Adi Yair

Artistic consultant | Yair Vardi

Light design | Amir Castro

Set Design | Shlomo Blazer

Co-Producer | Between Heaven and Earth

CEO | Dr. Ido Lahav Noy

Length: 50 minutes

CONTACT: Elad Schechter -


'She looks like she'd be an animal in bed'

She looks like she'd be an animal in bed is a duet that seeks to break the alienation that often accompanies the act of performance. This work offers us an opportunity to share a common space and thus give ourselves the permission to really see each other. We will be here and you will be here, watching, as if there is something else to be looked at, than the present. A work that seeks the "now" and the intimacy and the infinite feminity of the "us".

Choreographer | Béatrice Larrivée

Dancers | Sydney McManus & Béatrice Larrivée

Original Music | Morgan Bobrow-Williams

Costume design | Gon Biran, Hani Sirkis

Supported by c.a.t.a.m.o.n dance group & Canada Council for the Arts

Length: 20 minutes

CONTACT: Béatrice Larrivée -


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